North Luzon is dominated by the Luzon Cordillera, the largest mountain range of the Philippines. Our base in Sagada is at the center of the mountains, above the Upper Chico River and just south of the largest expanse of untouched wilderness in the Cordillera, a position that leaves us ideally situated as an exploration hub. 


Travelers have been visiting North Luzon for many years, but the vast majority limit their trip to a simple loop: Manila - Banaue - Sagada - Baguio - Manila or vice versa, and most limit their activities to the traditional "must dos" of each of these places. That's a fun trip, but it barely scratches the surface of what the region has to offer. Improved infrastructure and the resolution of old political conflicts have opened vast new areas of the mountains to exploration and recreation, and reduced the time it takes to travel around the area. Some roads are still rough, and some areas accessible only by foot or by river, but that just adds to the adventure! We specialize in crafting itineraries that get you off the beaten track and introduce the full diversity of the region's culture, geography, and activities. 

North Luzon is not just about the Cordillera: the west, north, and east coasts of North Luzon offer a breathtaking array of beaches, including some east coast beaches that are almost unknown and usually deserted. There are a number of world class surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing sites along the coasts of north Luzon. The Sierra Madre mountains, which run down the east coast of Luzon, offer jungle trekking, clear rivers, rock climbing, and truly spectacular spelunking. Road improvements over the last decade and our regional knowledge, network of contacts, and travel experience allow us to integrate the Cordillera, the Sierra Madre, and the beaches into a range of truly spectacular trips.