Sagada Outdoors provides tailored adventure travel packages throughout the northern Philippines, and runs rafting, trekking, canyoning and mountain bike trips near our base in Sagada, Mt Province. We also operate an outdoor shop in Sagada, serving the needs of the local outdoor community and visiting enthusiasts. The business grew out of our own passion for travel, outdoor adventure, and exploring the cultural and geographic diversity of the unique region that we call home. Our dream is to step away from the world of off-the-rack tour packages and offer one-of-a-kind trips tailored to the schedules, passions and preferences of our clients. If you contact us, you won't be getting a fixed itinerary. We'll want to know how much time you have, what your interests are, what you're looking for from a trip... and we'll be building your personal trip around your personal dream. If you're considering a trip to the Philippines, and looking to get off the track and have a unique travel experience, talk to us today. 


Like most adventure travel companies, we follow a strict "Leave no Trace" policy and cooperate to the highest possible extent with the communities where we work. When in the field with local people, we adapt to their ways. That's common sense, and nothing to brag about: nobody wants to foul their own nest. Unlike some companies, we also believe that social responsibility begins at home, with the people that work for us. We select the best guides we can find, and provide them with additional training, often from professional trainers drawn from our long list of contacts in the US and Canada. Then we pay them at a level that matches their professional skill: our guides are the highest paid outdoor guides in the Philippines, and they are worth it. Anyone who works for us is carefully selected and paid well above Philippine standard. That doesn't make our trips cheaper, but we owe our clients the best service possible and we owe our workers fair professional compensation.

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Steve Rogers arrived in the Philippines in 1979 as a US Peace Corps volunteer, and has made the country an adopted home. He's written on Philippine issues for publications including Foreign Affairs and the Journal of Democracy. He's been a regular visitor to the Cordillera since the early 1980s, spent 3 years in Sagada in the 1990s, and has been a full time resident of Sagada since 2002. He has explored the region by foot, rope, bicycle, kayak, raft, 4x4, and all manner of public transport, and did initial explorations of many of the trails, river runs, and travel routes that we use today. Steve is the principal author of the 1998 Action Asia Adventure Travel Guide to the Philippines. Despite persistent rumors, he is not in any way related to the guy with the shield.

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Siegrid Bangyay-Rogers is a native Sagadan and a proud member of the Applai Kankanaey indigenous group. She returned home after finishing university and established herself as one of Sagada's most sought after guides. She is now a guide trainer and assesor, working to upgrade the standard of guiding in the region. Siegrid is an artist working in stoneware pottery and the co-manager of the Sagada Pottery Center; her work has been exhibited in galleries in Manila and Baguio and was included in a recent exhibit of contemporary Southeast Asian pottery at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia, USA. Siegrid's outgoing personality, competence, and passion for the region's arts, culture, and environment make her an invaluable asset to any North Luzon adventure.

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