Getting There and Back


Almost all access to North Luzon is through Manila. We design and operate trips using public transport, private vehicles, or a combination. Private vehicles are more expensive but allow much more comfort and efficient use of time.


The North Luzon region is served by airports at Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, and Cauayan, Isabela. Laoag and Tuguegarao have multiple flights daily to and from Manila, Cauayan flights are at present 3 days a week.


Laoag is close to the beaches at Pagudpud, and the historic colonial-era city of Vigan. Just south of Vigan travelers with their own vehicles can enter the Cordillera via Bessang Pass, leading to Sagada.


Tuguegarao is our primary air access point for Cordillera trips. The airport gives easy road access to Kalinga province, and links easily and naturally into itineraries including Kalinga, Sagada, Banaue and the east coast beaches.


Multiple bus companies, notably Partas, Farinas, and Solid North, run trips up the west coast to Laoag, passing the surfing area in San Juan, La Union. Travelers with their own vehicles can easily reach Sagada from La Union via Bessang Pass. Public transport on the Bessang Pass-Sagada route requires multiple transfers and is not recommended for anyone but adventurous travelers with plenty of time.


Trips from Manila to Baguio run 24/7, with the most efficient being the non-stop deluxe buses run by Victory and Genesis. A new expressway makes this trip quick and painless. Buses from Baguio to Sagada run from 3AM to 1PM, with most trips between 6 and 11AM


There are direct buses from Manila to Sagada daily, run by Coda Lines, leaving at 8PM and arriving at 8AM, with the return trip leaving Sagada at 3PM and arriving in Manila at 3AM.


Buses from Manila to Banaue also run overnight, leaving every evening. Schedules may vary, contact Ohayami Transit for current details.


Genesis Transit runs multiple daily trips to Baler, Quezon, a surfing center that it the only point on the east coat with direct links to Manila.


Within the region destination areas are linked by a huge variety of trips, some quick and efficient, others more interesting. If you have ideas, contact us and we’ll provide first hand information!