The Cordillera is a mountain bike paradise. From technical trail rides to multi-day vehicle-supported tours, we offer a wealth of two-wheeled excitement, packaged with cool weather and a friendly environment with minimal traffic. The Sagada area provides a number of challenging single track rides and makes an ideal hub for bike touring around the mountain region. Riding is what we do: we were among the first to bring bikes to the area and many of the routes we ride are our own explorations.

We offer guided trail rides and bike tours, with rental bikes. All rentals include helmets; if you prefer clipless pedals we suggest that you bring your own shoes and pedals... we'll happily install them for you. Trail riders should expect steep climbs and descents with some handling skills needed; most touring also involves climbing, though we do have a one-day run with no major climbs! If mountain bikes are your chosen thrill, drop by and let us take you for a ride!