Every raft trip starts with a detailed safety briefing
Every raft trip starts with a detailed safety briefing



Rafting trips are typically available from June to December, though there may be some variation due to unpredictable rainfall. Trips leave from Sagada or Bontoc. Departure time is usually 7:30 AM from Sagada or 8:15 from Bontoc. We raft different sections of the river depending on water level, but most trips are run from the confluence of the Chico and Talubin Rivers, just downstream from the village of Tocucan, to the village of Anabel, a lively section with over 20 class 3 and 4 rapids in a busy 2 hours.


Raft trips include transportation, international-standard equipment, 2 guides per raft, snacks and drinks on the river, and lunch. You will need clothes that can get wet, sun protection, and a dry set of clothes for after the run. We provide splash tops for extra warmth. Strap on sandals, water shoes, or booties are ideal, but if you have flip-flops we will strap them into the boat to avoid loss. We discourage bringing valuables, expensive jewelry, watches, or gadgets. Pelican boxes are available for cameras, but there will be limited opportunities for photos. We provide waterproof cameras!


Please advise us in advance if there are vegetarians in the group, or of any other dietary restrictions. Rafting is not appropriate for individuals with heart or respiratory conditions or for the severely overweight. No experience is required, and anyone of normal health and fitness can participate. Liability waivers are required.




8 participants or above: 2500 pesos per person

5-7 participants: 3000 pesos per person

3-4 participants: 3500 pesos per person