Client Reviews from Trip Advisor:



It was just amazing experience! It was perfectly safe as Steve and his assistants are very well prepared and are controling the trip from the beginning until the end. Rappelling down, jumping from small waterfalls, admiring beautiful views, eating delicious lunch and feeling of excitement! Definitely worth to experience!


Karolina G

Warsaw, Poland



I visited Sagada last November with 2 girlfriends and tried my hand at white water rafting for the first time with Sagada Outdoors… The Upper Chico River gave us plenty of Grade 4 rapid sections that put a permanent smile on my face and the scenery in the canyon was breathtaking. We finished the trip buzzing from our natural healthy high and shared lunch together sampling the local Pinikpikan delicacy. Would highly recommend this day trip and I plan to go back for more of it.



Catangnan, Philippines



We have had an amazing time Canyoning through Sagada's neighborhoods with Steve and his assistant. Our adventure started with a hike next to beautiful rice terraces followed by some breath-taking views on the Sagada village and its surrounding hills. We started canyoning with an easy rappelling exercise where Steve explained the techniques and safety measures. Later on there was a number of more challenging, however not extremely difficult (especially for someone who's done it before) rappels on the way. We also had a chance to do a few cool jumps (highest was about 6m if im not mistaken). The whole thing took about 6-7 hours door-to-door…I would certainly recommend it to people who want to actively spend time in Sagada experiencing the beautiful outdoors and staying away from the busy tourist paths.


Lukasz G

Brussels, Belgium



We spent an amazing day canyoning in a wild river. The approach of 1H 30 is through beautiful terraced rice fields, the descent that lasts all day, is a sequence of one the most beautiful reminders than others. Although beginners; I did it with my daughters 17 and 14 years it felt completely safe thanks to the professionalism of Steve and his guide. meals are provided and caught in the torrent. If you are a little brave and if you like the adrenaline rush descent that will fill you completely and you will be remembered as an extraordinary and rare day.


Valentin S

Bonifacio, France

(translated by Google)



Canyoning and Rappelling was a totally new experience for us. We had no idea what to expect and were actually very hesitant about doing it. It was no easy task to do but overall, we were very happy that we did it and would even consider doing it again might we find ourselves back in Sagada. The tour came with lunch which was perfect after the rigorous trek that we did. A big thank you to Steve and his team for taking good care of us. And what a great adventure it was!



South San Francisco, CA, USA



If you love to experience a country through its land and culture, if you want to avoid the packaged tours and put together a trip that meets all of your individual needs, you should work with Sagada Outdoors. When I contacted them about suggestions of how to make the most of the Sagada region, Steve asked questions about my interests, experience and fitness before suggesting things to do. He then offered activities that suited my specific interests in Sagada. We went on a spectacular mountain bike ride where we were able to cover much more terrain than we would have been able to walking. I really got a sense of the area as he explained the ecosystem and mountain ranges. He then arranged for a guide for me for a 7-hour hike with Chris (we were in such wilderness that he had to hack part of our passage with a machete). We didn’t see anyone else all day, and I was very excited to get to BE in the area. Chris finished up the hike with a long wander around town where he explained much of the history and culture that I had not read about in my pre-trip research. Steve also arranged for a guide to take me through the caves which was a delightful experience that even had some climbing in it. I wish I would have had time to go canyoning; if I return, I will certainly want to do that! Steve is knowledgeable and interesting to talk with; the gear he uses is top notch; I always felt safe. He understands the Philippines and makes its magic accessible to you. He was respectful of the concerns I had as an older woman traveling alone, but also encouraged me to expand my boundaries a bit. When I explained I wanted to go, next, to a well publicized tourist area to see the terraced rice fields, he suggested substituting an area I had not even known about, instead, as the popular place was past harvest and Kalinga was at its peak. A guide met me at the bus stop and took me on an 8 hour hike through the rice fields, we went to an indigenous mountain people’s wedding, visited homes, and talked with people about their rice cultivation. I have been to 50 countries, and the Philippines; because of Steve’s advice, is one of my favorites.


Michal Reed




After 3 weeks of diving in gorgeous islands in southern Philippines, we decided to head to Sagada for some mountain scenery and fun. We did some online searching and everyone told us to head to Steve's. .. When we got to Sagada, Steve offered us to stay at his fabulous home with his beautiful family who made our stay just perfect. Steve is sweet, smart, fun, and super well connected throughout the region and organised all our activities for us, including top level guides as it was Christmas and Steve was already booked with another group. 

First we went on a multi-day hike through amazing mountains, staying at tribal villages like Buscalan, where the oldest Kalinga tattoo artist practices the art of batok (tattoo with a wooden pick). People come from all over the world to get tattooed by her! 

Then we went on a biking tour through the rice fields near Sagada, and stopped at our guide's aunt's place in Besao where our guide even made us wild fresh tea from his aunt's garden and we chatted with her and ate cake. As a trained anthropologist, I was in heaven! Sharing stories and customs of the area made our experience much richer. 

Steve's wife is also Igorot (she's from one of the mountain tribes who courageously resisted Spanish rule for centuries, the only Province in the Philippines who never fell to Spanish domination and have stayed fiercely independent until today), so we got to enjoy many a fascinating discussion about culture and history. The Igorot remain a fascinating people, well educated, proud, animistic and with a strong sense of community and fabulous rituals. They're also extremely warm and friendly: I stopped to admire how a family were skinning a pig and got invited to their party straight away!

We would have gone canyoning too (I hear nothing but amazing stories about it and can't wait to visit again to go!) but the circuit was just being finalised when we visited. So we already have plans to return for that! :) 

All in all, we had some magical days with Sagada Outdoors. Just perfect. Thanks Steve, Sigrid & family and the awesome guides!

Alicia Montoya

Zurich, Switzerland