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The Shop


We operate an outdoor shop in Sagada, on the 2nd floor of the Longid Centrum, the commercial building across from the bus/jeep stop. The shop serves the local outdoor community and visiting adventure enthusiasts and is stocked with goods that our experience has identified as appropriate to the conditions and activities that prevail in the area. It’s small but stocked with a range of equipment and apparel. The shop also serves as office space for tour activities.


Whenever possible we prefer to sell locally made goods: there are a number of local companies making quality outdoor equipment. Many of them are run by outdoor enthusiasts and many of them are friends: we’re happy to sell and use their products. Our local product range includes apparel, backpacks, and accessories from Lagalag, apparel from 8a and Bombproof, dry bags and apparel from Blood Red, backpacks and other equipment from Conquer, tents from Apexus, and others.


We also sell quality imported goods, mainly when no locally made equivalent is available. We stock backpacks from Deuter (the real thing, not fake), stoves, cooksets, lanterns, headlamps and other products from Kovea, Kershaw and Gerber knives (among others), Solarforce and Xeno flashlights, climbing equipment from Petzl and DMM, ropes from Tendon, Nalgene water bottles, cam straps and dry bags from Sotar… and other useful stuff as we find it!