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North of Sagada lie extensive wilderness areas with high peaks, ridgeline trails, towering waterfalls… and the pleasure of hiking in remote back country where few tourists go. All treks include guides, porters, equipment*, food, storage of unused luggage, and transport to/from the trail head.


These treks typically involve 5-6 hrs a day of walking; some days may bee longer. Steep climbs and descents are to be expected. These are not heavily traveled trails with amenities available along the way; you will be in wilderness. Don’t expect a bathroom; we dig a hole. Bathing is available on some treks, and not on others; where it is available the water will be cold. Drinking water is sourced from springs; we’ve never had any issues with that but you may wish to employ a filter or purification tablets. Food is what we can carry, and toward the end of a long trek expect a ration of rice, dried beans, salted meat, and similar portable/durable goods that are locally available. We do not have access to preserved camp rations. There will be an experienced trail cook present and we dress up the ingredients as we can.


You will be typically carry your own personal clothing, other personal items, and sleeping bag; porters handle tents, food, water, and other group items.  Extra porters are available at additional cost if you prefer to have someone else carrying everything. We suggest bringing only the bare essentials.


Seasonal weather patterns are to some extent predictable and we try to trek at times with a high probability of good weather… but we offer no guarantees.


*equipment would typically include tent, sleeping bag, camp cooking/eating utensils and lighting equipment. Backpacks are available if needed. A small flashlight or headlamp is god to have. If you need something,we can probably organize it, as long as it’s not too exotic!


Mt Sisipitan, overnight… climb the highest peak in Sagada, camp in the mossy forest, and enjoy a spectacular sunrise and sunset.

2 persons: 5500 each

4 persons: 4000 each


Tagpew Falls, 3 days/2 nights… explore the virgin wilderness surrounding one of the highest waterfalls in the Cordillera

2 persons: 12,000 each

4 persons 9,000 each


Sisipitan – Tokayong – Sagada, 3 days/2 nights… Two nights in the mossy forest along the remote central ridge of the Cordillera

2 persons:12,000 each

4 persons: 9,000 each


Colayo-Sagada… the ultimate Cordillera Trek. One day travel to the jumpoff point, then 6 days/5 nights of the remotest trekking the region has to offer.

2 persons: 35,000 each

4 persons: 25,000 each

*Equipment includes tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camp stove and cooking equipment.